Find new style, inspiration and fresh perspective. Create looks from the beautiful clothes you already own or let me shop for you Create Your Style. Book A Free Consultation Own Your Style. Find new style, inspiration and fresh perspective. Create looks from the beautiful clothes you already own or let me shop for you Book A Free Consultation Love Your Style. Book A Free Consultation Find new style, inspiration and fresh perspective. Create looks from the beautiful clothes you already own or let me shop for you
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Here to help people feel great about how they look.

Discover your personal style and the confidence that comes with it.

Discover your personal style and the confidence that comes with it.

Style is a tool and I show you how to use it. I specialise in helping people make the right choices for their body type, lifestyle, and personality.

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Two outfit boards to suit your budget, complete with accessories


A wardrobe assessment, two outfit boards of up-cycling pieces


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My Process

I will work with you to create a wardrobe that helps you feel great about how you look.


My Happy Clients

Zoe has been appearing on shows I’ve produced for well over a decade. She’s one of the first people I call if we need to cover anything from the fashion world. Her wide range of knowledge about the industry, coupled with the ease with which she can talk about it make her the perfect guest. From observations on emerging trends to analysis of deeper issues such as fast fashion, Zoe has always been on hand to offer invaluable expert comment & advice for listeners.



Lead Producer

I was wearing shapeless clothes that didn’t show off my new figure, and Zoë took me under her wing and completely transformed my look, and with it my confidence soared. Suddenly I walked taller and felt good in my own skin again. Everything she put on me worked to make the most wonderful capsule wardrobe. Zoë has an instinctive sense of style and the best thing of all is that she works with the budget and really tunes into the person she is styling..You really feel taken care of!



New Business Executive

Zoe creatively managed to style a look for me out of things in my wardrobe I had never considered wearable. She literally made something that became my favourite outfit for a long time out of nothing. Her fashion alchemy did my style confidence wonders!”



Product Director

Zoe’s passion and styling technique gave me new confidence to try new things, yet still in the style that felt ‘me’. Her understanding of how clothes can give you confidence and how she listens has given me a totally new take on what to wear!



New Business Manager, TV

My first experience was me looking for some work clothes…Zoe really understood my needs and took the time to ask me what I would normally pick out…She really gets it and helps build your outfit with accessories as well.  Zoe’s ability to match your clothes to your personality to me is a gift and more importantly, it makes you feel amazing and confident enough to strut your stuff !!! I always get complimented on my style and that is something I can’t take credit for.  Make an appointment with Zoe – you will be happily surprised what’s in store and you definitely will get the wolf whistles!



Business Development Director

Meeting Zoe and having a styling session with her was a revelation for me: as an actor I have never been great at dressing myself as myself! It’s done for you when you work, as a character, but it’s really important to be able to present yourself with style to help give you an edge when meeting for jobs. Zoe showed me how to put looks together with clothes I already had, that made me feel a special kind of confidence: at the next casting I had, the casting director kept telling me how fabulous I looked, I got that job, and since then the effect has continued!



Personal Styling

Carly's Story

Carly is a talented entertainment executive and approached me when she had landed a fantastic new job in TV and which was a big promotion. It was a powerful new position and demanded a look to complement this exciting new role. Being aware that first impressions count, Carly wanted to make the right impact from day one. It was great fun to push Carly outside of her comfort zone and experiment with sharp styles and vibrant colours, which worked well with her colouring, and also for the dynamic and creative environment she was going to be working within.

Having an open-mind can be hugely beneficial to maximising the benefits of having a styling session. Daring to try something new, can often pay off in more ways than you can imagine. Similar to new haircut - it can bring such a boost to our self esteem. Experimenting with clothes and styles that push you out of your comfort zone, will provide a fresh perspective, and inspire confidence to create the right impact!

How to Wear Skinny Jeans
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Because Style Matters

Discovering your personal style can transform the way you feel about yourself. Look your best to feel your best. That’s why it’s worth it.

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Fashion brands you need to know about
Fashion brands you need to know about

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How to Make Your Clothes Work  for You!
How to Make Your Clothes Work for You!

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