With the advent of ‘athleisure’ or ‘sport luxe’ (however you like to refer to this new style movement), Elliott Webb invited me onto his breakfast radio show, on BBC Hereford and Worcester, to discuss the comeback of that 80’s favourite, The Shell Suit, which, apparently, is having its own ‘fashion moment’…


The Interview

Are you really going to buy one?

If you’re desiring of a shell suit to relive your 80’s all over again – or perhaps you hadn’t even been born when it was in fashion the first time around and want to know what the fuss is all about – then I’d highly advise on giving this some serious thought. Firstly from a simple matter of, ‘taste’, but secondly, and rather more importantly, from a safety perspective. After a short spell of moderate exercise, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a boil-in-the-bag, and unless the fabric has advanced with the technological age, it is highly flammable! You’ve been warned.

Here’s a much better option

Far better to invest in something a little more understated. I’ve found a nice stylish & sporty number from good old M&S, which will earn you some serious style points, and you’ll be working the athleisure/sportluxe look too. It’s a mere snip at £19.99.

Open back top from M&S is your little take on the sport luxe trend ;-)

Open back top from M&S is your little take on the sport luxe trend 😉

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