140px-BBC_Radio_logoIt appears that many companies nowadays, are re-visiting their policy on office dress code. Even banks like JP Morgan, who made a global announcement in the summer, that they were prepared to scrap the formal suited and booted look, over something more informal.

Click the link to hear my interview on office dress codes, with Elliott Webb on his BBC Radio breakfast show

However, there are still some companies who insist on maintaining a strict dress code, so much so, that it resulted in a recent court case regarding a receptionist who took a well known company to court because they had insisted that she had to wear heels, due to the business dress code policy, and when she refused, they sent her home.

I’ve had many clients over the years who have all struggled with balancing the need to look professional and yet, appear stylish. It’s a bug-bear, and can be tricky, particularly for women working in make male-dominated environments, of walking the tight rope of wanting to be seen as feminine, yet, powerful, strong and confident. I’ve featured some of my previous clients and looks that I’ve pulled together, to demonstrate that being stylish, and smart enough for a corporate environment, is achievable: