Zoe talking with Caroline Martin on BBC Radio WM on the subject of



Caroline Martin very kindly invited me onto her radio on BBC WM, to allow me the opportunity to give my view on this worrying modern day trend, which inspired my little blog post.

(radio interview here – Zoe talking recently on BBC Radio about the effects of disposable fashion in today’s society:


We live in an age now where we are obsessed with shopping. When everything is so readily available at the click of a button, how could it be any other way? The advent of ‘fast fashion’ has only made us more hungry for the next high fashion items at low cost prices – and with social media on our every trail – what is a girl to do, but keep buying and buying, to ensure that, (shock-horror), we are never photographed more than once in the same outfit!


I just cant see the sense in this. Not only does it mean we are playing into the hands of social media, but it’s incredibly wasteful, and not just a little vain too..




Far better to invest in quality, which stands the test of time, and be able to enjoy our purchases over and over again.

I mentioned to Caroline that I have a dear Aunt – pictured below – who is in her 90’s and still wears the stylish items she bought when she was in her 50’s. 40 years later, they still look great. She really is proof that you can be stylish at any age, and that quality really does prevail.