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Bringing a friendly, down-to-earth and informative approach to my work, and with my passion for style and fashion, I take enormous satisfaction and inspiration from transforming the look of all those who have come to me for help. What I feel are my particular skills for communicating thoughts and ideas to ultimately empower a client through their personal style, have helped many people to not only change the way they look but, mainly, the way they feel.


Decisions, decisions…

Personal Shopping

If you fancy a shopping trip with an expert stylist, then book the Personal Shopping experience. This will be a focused and interactive trip, targeted key brands, and trying on pieces to really understand how certain retailers design for their customers, and so ensuring to find the perfect one to suit you. Tip – wear comfy shoes!

Wardrobe Refresh

A resourceful and creative approach which brings new life to your existing pieces. Those ‘so many clothes, but nothing to wear’ days will be replaced with a focused, edited, hard working wardrobe with the Wardrobe Refresh – a helpful and effective Service.


Like most people, your time is limited with some many endless to-do list and you simple don’t have the time, or inclination of spending hours on the high street. In which case, this Online Service might be of help to you. We’ll deliver outfit ideas, and items, ready to buy and direct to your inbox.

Love Your Style

Discover the best shapes, styles and colours for you
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Bringing a friendly and down to earth approach

We don’t believe that looking stylish and glamorous is for the select few. Everyone deserves to look and feel great. We take our time getting to know and understand you, and realise the relationship is a two way street – do we want to work together? hopefully, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’! We realise we are helping real people with real lives, and so bring practicality as well as creative ‘oopmh’ to the process. Passionate about customer services, having worked for a number of years across fashion retail, we want to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you.


A little something from us to you


We realise it’s a big step, deciding to have a styling appointment, so we’re currently giving 20% off your first booking, on any service and packages.